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  • wrecker towing truck

    HOWO 50 ton heavy duty wrecker towing truck

    This wrecker has the functions of lifting, pulling, lifting, etc. It is convenient, quick, good-looking, safe and reliable. This truck wrecker is widely used in highways, public security traffic police, airports, terminals, auto repair industry and highway companies, etc.

  • heavy duty separated tow truck

    HOWO 40 ton boom and underlift separated tow truck

    Wrecker truck equipped with lifting winch device and wheel bracket which can lift, towing, back load and transport.Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely, fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

  • heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Howo 30 ton heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Road wrecker is used for safety salvage of vehicles subject to city road, suburb way, highway, airport and bridge road. It is suitable for medium and small-sized cargos, cars and other special vehicles, which are allowed within the technical parameters of this kind

  • heavy duty integrated tow truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty integrated line of wrecker ​recovery truck

    The tow wrecker is called the road wrecker, also known as road rescue vehicle. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction. 

  • stage boom breakdown truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty with stage boom breakdown truck

    The INT series is out integrated line of tow trucks commonly called wreckers. We have a wide range of products with 6 different models ranging for the small 3 ton to the massive 60 ton with a 3 stage boom. 

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Special truck manufacture has gained more than 15 years mature experience in special truck industry, and developed a wide range of special trucks, which include LPG truck, LPG semi trailer, refrigerated truck, dump truck, concrete mixer truck ,wrecker tow truck, asphalt distributor truck, garbage truck, refuse compactor, vacuum truck, fuel tank truck, high-altitude operation truck, truck with crane, sweeper truck, van truck, fire engine, spares , water truck, tractor,etc.


Our Market

Products exported to more than 50 countries or regions, mainly contains: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ghana, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Zimbabwe and more,which enable us to establish stable partnership with many famous brand companies.

Special truck manufacture

Our Chassis Supplier

According to the emission standard and steering type, we can supply different global brand chassis like ISUZU, HINO, HYUNDAI, IVECO ,etc. We take chassis from chassis manufacture directly, provide customer with best quality chassis, which are fairly and competitively priced.

Also for significant cost advantages, we can supply many Chinese brand chassis like HOWO, FOTON, FAW, BEIBEN ,JAC ,etc. 

ISUZU Chassis

Factory Tour

A.Fire truck workshop

As professional fire engine factory, supply fire engine for government and fire station every year, include water fire truck, foam fire truck, dry powder fire truck, rescue fire truck and other special fire truck.

Fire fighting truck manufacture

B.Sweeper truck workshop

With 12 years professional experience on sweeper truck manufacturing, we provide extremely perfect solution on customer's requirement. Besides whole trucks, the superstructure parts without chassis is optional. We supply basic sweeper truck, high pressure sweeper truck , dry type sweeper truck, runway sweeper truck, etc.

Road sweeper truck maufacture

C.Wrecker truck workshop

All kinds of wrecker trucks are available include flatbed wrecker, Integrated wrecker and Rotator wrecker from light duty to heavy duty. Also we can design customized wrecker superstructure parts according drawings.

Wrecker truck manufacture

D.Truck with crane workshop

15 years experience on truck with crane manufacture, supply light duty crane from 2ton to 20ton, heavy duty crane from 30ton to 100ton. The crane type can be straight arm or telescopic arm. 

Crane truck manufacture

E.LPG vessel workshop

We have manufacture license of special equipment on A2,C2,C3 pressure vessel. LPG vessel series include LPG storage tank, LPG transport truck ,LPG transport trailer and LPG fueling station. Both GB standard and ASME standard are available.

LPG truck manufacture

F.Chassis stock area and office building

Our workers are more than 1000 and factory is more than 690,000m,technical personnel with intermediate and professional titles are more than 200.

Chengli special truck manufacture

Our Tender Order

Project 1

Vehicle Type: Arm roll garbage truck
Number of Units: 40
Export Country: Bangladesh
Configuration: 4x2 DONGFENG chassis,5 cubic meters garbage box

Arm roll garbage truck

Project 2

Vehicle Type: Van type truck
Number of Units: 80
Export Country: Algeria
Configuration: JMC 2 axis chassis,12CBM Van box

Van type truck

Project 3

Vehicle Type: Superstructure of garbage tipper truck
Number of Units: 80 (3ton/58  5ton/18 8ton/4)
Export Country: Bangladesh
Configuration: 3ton capacity tipper box, 5ton capacity tipper box, 8ton capacity tipper box

Superstructure of garbage tipper truck

Project 4

Vehicle Type: Superstructure of garbage compactor truck
Number of Units: 12
Export Country: Bangladesh
Configuration: 5ton capacity garbage compactor

Superstructure of garbage compactor truck

Project 5

Vehicle Type: Concrete mixer truck
Number of Units: 20
Export Country: Cote d'Ivoire
Configuration: 8x4 North Benz chassis,16 cubic meters mixing volume

Concrete mixer truck

Project 6

Vehicle Type: Tipper Truck
Number of Units: 14
Export Country: Congo
Configuration: 6x4 HOWO chassis,35-50ton capacity
Tipper Truck


CLVEHICLES is one of the experienced truck manufacturer, export various special trucks, accept custom srevice, welcome to visit our factory and showroom to know more about us.
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