New Products

  • wrecker towing truck

    HOWO 50 ton heavy duty wrecker towing truck

    This wrecker has the functions of lifting, pulling, lifting, etc. It is convenient, quick, good-looking, safe and reliable. This truck wrecker is widely used in highways, public security traffic police, airports, terminals, auto repair industry and highway companies, etc.

  • heavy duty separated tow truck

    HOWO 40 ton boom and underlift separated tow truck

    Wrecker truck equipped with lifting winch device and wheel bracket which can lift, towing, back load and transport.Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely, fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

  • heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Howo 30 ton heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Road wrecker is used for safety salvage of vehicles subject to city road, suburb way, highway, airport and bridge road. It is suitable for medium and small-sized cargos, cars and other special vehicles, which are allowed within the technical parameters of this kind

  • heavy duty integrated tow truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty integrated line of wrecker ​recovery truck

    The tow wrecker is called the road wrecker, also known as road rescue vehicle. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction. 

  • stage boom breakdown truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty with stage boom breakdown truck

    The INT series is out integrated line of tow trucks commonly called wreckers. We have a wide range of products with 6 different models ranging for the small 3 ton to the massive 60 ton with a 3 stage boom. 

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One Unit Of Fire Fighting Truck Ship To Saudi Arabia

Vehicle Type: Fire fighting truck
Number of Units: 1
Export Country:  Saudi Arabia
Chassis Configuration: FOTON EST-M, 4*2 type, Left hand driving, Crew cab, ISDe245 30(245p)

Superstructure Configuration: 5500L water tank, 2500L foam tank, CB10/60 fire pump, PLKD48 electric fire monitor

FOTON fire truck

It is applied to the fire fighting and water transport functions. It is equipped with a special fire pump for fire engines, fire cannons, fire-fighting power take-offs, a working platform with a tank body, a fire water cannon installed on the top of the tank body, and a fire-fighting interface.

FOTON EST Fire truck

The range and pressure can reach the same level as fire engines, suitable for landscaping, fire sprinkler, fire extinguishing, mine dust reduction, living quarter fire extinguishing, emergency water supply, drought-resistant water transport.

Fire fighting truck

fire engine

FOTON fire engine

Streamline design, novel appearance, flexible, economical and practical. Internal separation material of equipment rack is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, looks beautiful and elegant.

cab of fire truck

Double row of monolithic structure, wide view, more passengers (6-8 people); trucks can put out fire during marching, far ranging and strong fire-fighting power. Optional atmospheric pressure fire pump, mesolow pressure fire pump or high-low pressure fire pump.

fire truck tools

 All kinds of equipment placed reasonable, and fixed by specialized fixture.

fire pump and fire monitor

Under the same pressure, the flow of the water-gun can be adjusted, which can result in better fire-fighting and cooling effect. It has good fire extinguishing performance. The gun is suitable for petrochemical enterprises, storage tanks, hangars, warehouses, port terminals and other places, and it is also an ideal vehicle-mounted fire gun for fire trucks.


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