New Products

  • wrecker towing truck

    HOWO 50 ton heavy duty wrecker towing truck

    This wrecker has the functions of lifting, pulling, lifting, etc. It is convenient, quick, good-looking, safe and reliable. This truck wrecker is widely used in highways, public security traffic police, airports, terminals, auto repair industry and highway companies, etc.

  • heavy duty separated tow truck

    HOWO 40 ton boom and underlift separated tow truck

    Wrecker truck equipped with lifting winch device and wheel bracket which can lift, towing, back load and transport.Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely, fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

  • heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    howo 30 ton heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Road wrecker is used for safety salvage of vehicles subject to city road, suburb way, highway, airport and bridge road. It is suitable for medium and small-sized cargos, cars and other special vehicles, which are allowed within the technical parameters of this kind

  • heavy duty integrated tow truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty integrated line of wrecker ​recovery truck

    The tow wrecker is called the road wrecker, also known as road rescue vehicle. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction. 

  • stage boom breakdown truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty with stage boom breakdown truck

    The INT series is out integrated line of tow trucks commonly called wreckers. We have a wide range of products with 6 different models ranging for the small 3 ton to the massive 60 ton with a 3 stage boom. 

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One unit of ISUZU 600P 5m Refrigerator Truck Ship to Costa Rica


Vehicle Type: Refrigerator Truck
Number of Units: 1
Export Country: Costa Rica
Chassis Configuration: ISUZU 600P, 120hp engine, GVW 7000kg
Superstructure Configuration: 5m length of refrigerator box, Thermo King refrigeration unit RV-580.

refrigerator truck

Each board of the refrigerated box is a composite board structure, and the inner and outer cover boards and the core material are pressed into a sandwich composite board by the adhesive.

ISUZU refrigerator truck

The assembling parts of the compartment panels are all designed with steps to increase the sealing length of the assembling section and improve the structural strength of the assembling parts. The joint surfaces of the compartment panels (including the rear door frame and the compartment panels) are coated with refrigerated box assembly glue to achieve reliability seal.

5ton refrigerator truck

The screw connection is firm and reliable, and the outer screw holes of the compartment plate are coated with the compartment body assembly structure glue. The door frame and the refrigerated box are connected firmly and reliably, and the connecting screws are arranged neatly.

refrigerated truck

The air outlet of the machine cooling is generally at the top of the front section of the body compartment, if there is no ventilation slot:

1, Sometimes the cargo water can not be discharged, the bottom of the body will rot;

2, When the goods are full, the cold air of the cooler can only blow on the top of the goods, and the bottom of the compartment will gradually heat up, with ventilation slots. The air-cooling will blow to the rear door of the car body, and the air-cooling will follow it downwards, passing through the air duct, and the air-conditioning is in a circulating state;

3, If the cargo is loaded with a lot of hot air, the hot air in the incubator is difficult to evaporate. Use the ventilation slot to take away a lot of hot air.


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