New Products

  • wrecker towing truck

    HOWO 50 ton heavy duty wrecker towing truck

    This wrecker has the functions of lifting, pulling, lifting, etc. It is convenient, quick, good-looking, safe and reliable. This truck wrecker is widely used in highways, public security traffic police, airports, terminals, auto repair industry and highway companies, etc.

  • heavy duty separated tow truck

    HOWO 40 ton boom and underlift separated tow truck

    Wrecker truck equipped with lifting winch device and wheel bracket which can lift, towing, back load and transport.Widely used in road, police traffic, airports, docks, auto repair company, industry and highway departments, timely, fast clean-up accident, failure, illegal and other vehicles.

  • heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Howo 30 ton heavy duty ratotor towing truck

    Road wrecker is used for safety salvage of vehicles subject to city road, suburb way, highway, airport and bridge road. It is suitable for medium and small-sized cargos, cars and other special vehicles, which are allowed within the technical parameters of this kind

  • heavy duty integrated tow truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty integrated line of wrecker ​recovery truck

    The tow wrecker is called the road wrecker, also known as road rescue vehicle. It has many functions such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction. 

  • stage boom breakdown truck

    25 ton howo heavy duty with stage boom breakdown truck

    The INT series is out integrated line of tow trucks commonly called wreckers. We have a wide range of products with 6 different models ranging for the small 3 ton to the massive 60 ton with a 3 stage boom. 

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One unit of FOTON 6 Wheels 5000L Vacuum Sweeper Truck Ship to Guatemala


Vehicle Type: Sweeper truck

Number of Units: 1
Export Country: Guatemala

Chasiss Configuration: 4x2 FOTON AUMARK chassis, 109hp engine

Superstructure Configuration: 5000L dust tank, 87 auxiliary engine

The Vacuum Sweeper Truck is mainly used for road dust cleaning and suction. It is widely used in seaports, coal mining places, urban roads, highways, airports, docks, Bridges, squares, residential areas etc to make the places.

A Road Suction Truck can largely save labor cost and working time. To use the Sweeper Truck one hour can match a person sweeping the road all day!

Road Sweeper Truck

The vacuum cleaner truck has the characteristics of fast cleaning speed, no dust, low energy consumption, widely used in urban roads, highways, airports, docks, Bridges, squares, residential areas of mechanized cleaning operations.

Road Sweeper TruckVacuum device and suction nozzle arrangement adopts "wide of suction nozzle by the main suction + left and right side suction nozzle structure arrangement. The suction cup device has the function of avoiding and resetting automatically when encountering obstacles. This function can effectively solve the problem of easily damaged dust collector. Full floating suction nozzle, with the characteristics of large vacuum width, high vacuum efficiency, and conducive to the adjustment and maintenance of suction nozzle.

Road Sweeper TruckThe liner of dustbin adopts double structure, the inner layer is all stainless steel. The high efficiency filtration of 4 sets of polymer filter cylinders can effectively reduce the secondary pollution caused by dust.

Road Sweeper Truck

With auxiliary engine. It is with JMC 64KW vice engine and supply enough power for the suction devices. The vice engine is connected to the fan adopts automatic centrifugal clutch, can guarantee the vice engine no-load start.

Click here to get more detailed specifications about foton vacuum sweeper truck.

With 12 years professional experience on sweeper truck manufacturing, we provide extremely perfect solution on customer's requirement. Besides whole trucks, the superstructure parts without chassis is optional. We supply various road sweeper truck ,including basic sweeper truck, high pressure sweeper truck , dry type sweeper truck, runway sweeper truck, etc. To find more sweeper truck, please view ourwebsite:


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